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Ridge Missions

Missions Sunday

We believe God's passionate pursuit of all people compels us to reach the unreached and serve the vulnerable in our city and around the world. We want to pursue people, in our communities and beyond our borders, with the love of Jesus.

Missions Sunday | Spring 2024

Guest Speaker: Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott serves as President/CEO of Operation Mobilization in the USA and has a passion for innovation and reframing Christian missions for this generation.

Transforming our Work (BC)

Mondays, 08.26 - 11.8 | 6-8pm

Whatever your current workplace is or wherever you find yourself in your career, God has a purpose behind your profession.

Transforming Our Work is a community of believers exploring God’s desire to form us and impact the world through our work. If you are wrestling with bridging the gap between services on Sunday and the workplace on Monday, this is the spot for you! Join us for seven sessions over three months as we seek to transform the way we see our work. 

Registration is now open for the fall 2024 program.


Switchboard is a platform for connecting believers, around the world, who have needs with those who can meet those needs. Do you have skills, years of experience, and a heart for the Great Commission? Switchboard matches everyday believers to the mission field so that everyone can bring their best and make a Great Commission impact. 

Find your role in God's global story.

Unreached Podcast

Come journey with us to the ends of the earth as the Unreached team shares the supernatural stories of God at work through the men and women He has called to reach the UNREACHED.

Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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  • Becky Belew

    Becky Belew

    Becky was born and raised in New Orleans, but moved to Texas in 2005. She married her best friend, Jon, in 2009. She is blessed with her wonderful daughter, Evelyn, and her stepson, Austin. Becky has more than 15 years of executive assistant experience and has attended the Ridge for nearly a decade. She loves scuba diving, going to Christian concerts, and playing games with her friends and family. She is grateful and excited to utilize her gifts to pursue God’s mission for the Ridge community locally and abroad.