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Latino Ministry

Spanish Interpretation

Spanish Interpretation

Latinos de todas partes! Bienvenidos a Austin Ridge!

Es Domingo y te queremos con nosotros! Con muchísimo amor proveemos traducción simultánea a todos nuestros amigos y hermanos de Latino America que sólo hablan español. Ven únete con nosotros! Dale!

Esto es lo que debes hacer.

  • Trae tu teléfono y audífonos
  • Llega a la iglesia a las 10:45am para toma tu cafecito
  • Con cafe en mano, toma tu lugar en el Auditorio Mayor Worship Center
  • Da tu corazón a DIOS cantando alabanzas a nuestro PADRE
  • Justo antes de que el sermón comience: Porfavor llama al número 512-299.2434
  • Pon tu telêfono en mute
  • Conecta tus audifonos y listo!
  • Disfruta el Sermon en tu idioma

Hola Austin! Now is the time to invite your Latino friends to listen to the same sermon you listen to – simultaneously translated into Spanish! Oh Yeah! Un poquito mas!

Here is what we do:

  • Go get your Latino friends and bring them to Church
  • Have them bring their phone and earbuds. Earbuds absolutely crucially important.
  • Help them get a cup of coffee. Help them find their place in the Worship Center. Let them Worship in Song.
  • Right before the sermon, please have them dial 512-299-2434. Have them mute their phone. The conference call immediately connects to sermon translation.
  • Enjoy!

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  • Uriel Novelo

    Uriel Novelo

    Uriel was born and raised in Mexico City, third generation PK. He graduated from Mexico’s Central Bank School with a BA in Banking and a degree in Corporate Finance. After his career as a stock broker in God’s mercy, God graciously changed Uriel's deepest affections and send him to California to receive an MDIV from The Master’s Seminary. Uriel is madly in love with his high school sweetheart Paty, and together they have three tiny bilingual Jesus followers also called los 3 amigos. As our Latino Pastor, Uriel provides vision, guidance, and spiritual care to our bilingual congregation and has a deep love and innate understanding of our growing immigrant community, their tough lives under the sun, complex challenges, and gracious beautiful colors. Uriel loves training men in the gospel, teaching God’s word in Spanish, dating his wife, laughing with his kids, drinking Mexican chocolate, and playing soccer, ping pong and chess.