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Disciplemaking Groups

D Group Curriculumn

Making disciples who can make disciples

Disciplemaking Groups are small (4-6 people), same-gender groups that meet weekly for 9-12 months working through a curriculum designed by the Ridge around our beliefs of who a disciple is and what a disciple does.

D-Groups were created and designed specifically to make disciples who can make disciples. By learning to study the Bible for yourself, think theologically, develop spiritual disciplines, and articulate all of that in your own words, you will gain tools to not only lead and equip others, but to more faithfully move toward Jesus for the rest of your life!

Join or Lead a Group

We would love to help you determine if a D-Group is the next best step as you follow Jesus! To start the process, please fill out the form for your preferred campus. If you would like to lead a group, indicate your interest on the form and one of our pastors will set up a time to meet.

What People Are Saying

Learn how a D-Group can impact your life

Hear more about what a Disciplemaking Group is from people who have gone through our curriculum.

D Group Curriculumn

Our Curriculum

Developed by Austin Ridge

The disciplemaking curriculum is built around our definition of a disciple: a lifelong learner and follower of Jesus who knows who God is, what Jesus has done for them, who they are in Jesus, and how to live for Jesus.

Register Your Group

Once you have connected with 4-6 people who are ready to join your D-Group, please complete the group registration form for your respective campus to share your group information and meeting times.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have many great environments for accountability, community, and Bible study, so we didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. D-Groups were created and designed specifically to make disciples who will go and make disciples (2 Timothy 2:2).

Disciplemaking is about direction. It’s not a destination. By learning to study the Bible for yourself, think theologically, develop spiritual disciplines, and articulate all of that in your own words, you will gain tools to not only lead and equip others, but to more faithfully move toward Jesus for the rest of your life!

A disciple is a life-long learner and follower of Jesus who knows who God is, what Christ has done for them, who they are in Christ, and how to live for Him.

The purpose is for disciples to make disciples who will make disciples. This is ultimately a spiritual task that can only be accomplished by the Spirit, but this is something Jesus told us to do (Matt 28:18-20) and promised to be with us as we do it!

While in a D-Group, participants will learn how to study the Bible together, learn key theological and doctrinal truths, establish spiritual disciplines, and grow in their ability to share their faith with others.

Most groups meet weekly for 9-12 months, typically for an hour each week. The curriculum contains 25 topics, some of which may take two weeks to complete. If you power through, you could be done in 6-8 months, but once you factor in life (sickness, travel, holidays, etc.) it typically takes closer to a year.

The goal isn’t speed, the goal is effectiveness. Life change happens over time through relationships as we gather around God’s Word together. Don’t rush the process, but don’t get bogged down and lose focus. One of the leader’s most important jobs is to balance the pace of the study with the needs of the group. When in doubt ask for help.

There are three key expectations for every leader:

- Your continued growth as a Christ-follower through daily time in the Word, prayer, Scripture memory, and sharing your faith, so that you can model with integrity the objectives of this process.

- Your commitment to your group members to help them fulfill their expectations (see the next question).

- Your willingness to ask for help when a question or situation arises that you don’t have an answer for.

No leader is perfect, so don’t put that pressure on yourself! It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to change hearts. Your biggest commitment is faithfulness and humility!

The group members are expected to:

- Do the work each week and engage in added activities as they are introduced.

- Come prepared for and engage in the weekly group discussion.

- Be open and accountable to the group.

- Be open to the challenge of starting their own group after this one finishes.

Remember, the goal is to make disciples who will make disciples!

Some weeks are geared toward systematic theology, some toward inductive Bible study, and some are a series of exercises. We attempted to provide variety but to take an approach that works best for the given topic, such as:

- Hands-on Bible study (some with helps, some on your own)

- Exercises to help you synthesize what you are learning

- Specific scripture memory exercises to help you remember certain topics

- Weeks that are heavy on daily lessons and weeks that are light on curriculum but heavy on personal time in God’s Word or activities for the group to do together

We’ve found the best size is 4-6 people (same gender), including the leader. Any more or less than that and it is harder to have a robust discussion, and it can make scheduling difficult.

When and where your group meets is completely up to you! We encourage you to meet weekly and in a consistent location. Some groups meet at coffee shops, restaurants, homes, or at our Bee Cave or Southwest campus. Pick a place and time when you and your group members can be open and vulnerable, and a time that allows for consistent attendance.

The best place to start is with existing relationships. Who do you want to meet with weekly for the next 9-12 months, talking through life-changing truth and having life-changing experiences? That’s who you approach first!

We also have an ever-growing list of people who want to be in a group, so please ask for help if you are coming up short. We would love to help match you up with folks who want to be discipled, so they can make disciples!

Groups Ministry Team

  • Austin Davidson

    Austin Davidson

    Austin is a Texas native with an appreciation for all things music. He attended Texas Tech University where he received a Bachelor of Psychology and Masters of Media. While in Lubbock, he met his wife Shannon. They have two children, Margot and Jack, and can be caught traveling, cooking mediocre meals, or embarrassing themselves with a family dance party in their free time. He loves the city of Austin, the people in it, and aims to glorify Jesus in all things.

  • Becky Ellsworth

    Becky Ellsworth

    Becky was raised in Carlsbad, CA, so the beach is her favorite place. She and her amazing husband, Don, have awesome people - including four kids, a few kid-in-laws, and some beautiful grandbabies. The Ellsworths moved to Austin in 2001 for Don to be one of the pastors at Austin Ridge. Becky loves spending time with her family, taking fun vacations (which almost always include a beach and sometimes Disney), reading, cooking/eating, exercising, and spending time with friends. She loves working at Austin Ridge, and being a part of what the Lord is doing in Dripping Springs and around the world.

  • Brooke Huber

    Brooke Huber

    Brooke was born and raised a Texan and graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Communication. She met her husband, Patrick, at the Ridge, and they have a beautiful daughter, QJ. She has loved watching what the Lord has done through the Ridge over the years and feels extremely blessed to be on staff here. She loves all things Disney, is an enneagram 7, and believes pineapples belong on pizza.

  • Glenn Gordon

    Glenn Gordon

    Glenn grew up in the great state of Florida and moved to Texas shortly after graduating from the University of Florida, where he "majored in Psychology and minored in celebrating National Championships." He and his wife, Katelyn, met while both were students at Dallas Theological Seminary and together have three beautiful girls. Glenn's been in pastoral ministry for nearly a decade & carries two Masters degrees in Christian Education and Media Arts & Communications. Glenn enjoys golf, Ultimate frisbee, and teaching his daughters to root for his Florida Gators, Atlanta Braves, and Denver Broncos. Serving our Dripping Springs campus, Glenn loves helping our people find their place to belong and grow in the gospel of Christ.

  • Heather Tolin

    Heather Tolin

    Heather is an administrative guru and detail freak from Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Heather and her husband, Charles, are raising two sons, Justin and Holden. In her downtime, Heather enjoys watching movies, playing board games, cheering for the IU basketball & Colts football teams, and attending her kids' events.

  • Jeff Moore

    Jeff Moore

    Jeff is originally from Baytown, TX, and has been in Austin since 2000. He has been married to Karol Ann since 1995, and they have two grown kids, and 3 bulldogs. He received a Masters of Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary and has been in pastoral ministry for 20+ years. Jeff has a passion for seeing people grow in their understanding of and obedience to Scripture and equipping them to equip others in the community and has been doing that at the Ridge since 2013.